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History of the approach and environnmentals characteristics of the

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It is the company’s first experience in green design. The process was launched by the company’s manager in 2005. Two aspects have driven the process : client requirements and future evolution in the sector’s regulations.



 The range of apem-sas products was designed to manage clean rooms, for functions such as interlocking (coordinated door opening management), disinfection, operator signalling and supervision (by computer).



It is a new concept which did not exist before in the market, or in a very different form.


The product meets the ROHS directive (Restriction Of use of certain Hazardous Substances) applicable to electrical and electronic products. More particularly, the use of toxic compounds has been restricted, particularly lead, is restricted in apem-sas products. Product end life has been planned with waste treatment generating less pollution.


Compared with traditional solutions, apem-sas offers more functionality with a significantly smaller footprint : it is based on casings whereas existing products are electrical cabinets. In terms of benefits, the product is standard-produced and configured according to client needs. This product can obviously be considered as a pioneer in its field.



Manufacturer of industrial automation and climatic engineering systems


France - Loire - St Jean Bonnefonds (HO)



Revenue in constant increase

(+20% for 2007)




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Commercial impact of green design 



The products are sold turn-key or delivered as kits. Costs are reduced by 20% for the end client, standardization allowing for mass production and sharing R&D costs over hundreds of units.



Product performance, as well as attractive pricing, have drawn many new clients for the company, which have since become loyal.


The profit margin compared with the average margin of the company’s products is also higher. However, the economic gain mainly results from the increase in sales.


Impact on the other dimensions of the company 

This new product allowed the company to enhance its image as an innovator and supported its fame. This technical product demonstrates the company’s know-how with its clients.


However, there is no actual impact on creativity, number of products, nor the product development process. The company has always been active in new product development. This project was funded by the ANVAR (French national agency for research support). In terms of human resources, this project led to hiring two persons with an impact on subcontracting.


The commercial process was slightly changed compared with the other products of the company, as engineering offices were approached, being prescribers, as well as by participating in specialized trade shows.


Although a minority, certain purchasers are reluctant because they mistrust new products. No specific communication was used on the green design aspect, as its technical specifications drive the product’s sales.



"Green design is not complicated,

in fact no more complicated

than other design processes"


Marcel GRECO

Manager, CIRA Technologie




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