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How does it work ?

Evolved and customisable functionalities

Below scenarii display some apem-sas software available functions from the basic configuration.

The animation may be controlled using commands provided below.


Air-lock gate interlocking

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  • A gate open is enabled only if the oppsite door is locked.
  • If it is not the case, the operator sees a visual sign explaining the denied access.
  • Staff lockers room are managed following the same principle, with particular features designed for mixed lockers room.
  • Other interlocking functionnalities are available from the base configuration.


Interlocking between several air-lock gate

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  • Using apem-sas there is no limit to how many air-lock gate are interlocking, to the scale of one door, or several gates, or between laboratories.
  • Every type of door can be recognised by the management unit : static seal doors, inflatable seal doors, motorised door, lifting door, etc…
  • The system's flexibility enable to adapt in a simple manner rapidly to every of your project's evolution.


Air-lock gate decontamination

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  • apem-sas includes advanced decontamination cycles to treat locally an air-lock gate or staff, or even a full plant with several laboratories and air-lock gates.
  • These cycle enable HVAC equipment synchronisation, thus enabling air flow management and decontamination.
  • During the whole cycle zone access security is controlled.
  • Hydrogène peroxyde H2O2 bio decontamination machines can be controlled using apem-sas management units.
  • Every cycle steps are recorded timely to an event log.


Full laboratory decontamination

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apem-sas system manage full laboratory's decontamination according to the same paradigm as the one used for one air-lock gate.


Mixed lockers room

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apem-sas knows how to control a mixed gender locker room including the following two main functions :

  • display lockers room occupation on each door on external side.
  • lock entry door while being used.

This function is available for single flow locker room as well as both way flow.

The animation below shows how display signal when the room is occupied, a request for entry. If the room is being used, the entry is denied.


icon sound


The buzzer produce a sound to signal a technicalor operational anomally has risen.

Example : a door remaining open to long whence it should be closed.


Air renewal


To control contamination generated by people or material movements through air-lock gates, using an air-renewal method enabling return to a defined level. The operator can set a parameter within the system, according to each requirement..

Example :

Air renewal figure




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